Who Am I?

I love writing and I love my family. I thought it would be good to tell people who I am and how it is I have come to this point in my life.

I was born in 1956 to Christian parents. My dad was a student at Cedarville College when I was born and my mom was just a young girl herself.

I came to recognize my need for a personal savior when I was only 4 years old. I realized I was a sinner and that Jesus died to take the punishment for my sin. I trusted Him then to save me and He has worked to change me into His image. I have learned some things along the journey that I think might encourage others. I would like to arrange those lessons learned in this site in some kind of orderly way. We’ll see.

I currently live with 7 of my eleven children still at home. I am suppose to be their teacher and mentor. We homeschool, so my time is not my own.

I look forward to posting more about us as time allows.

My husband is a pastor and is my best friend. You will hear lots about him in the posts to come.



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2 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. Mrs. Evans-

    I like this new site. It’s really chic and modern looking, but calm and contemplative at the same time. I love reading your posts…they are always so encouraging! I love you and thank the Lord for you all the time!

    Rachel 🙂

  2. Jane

    Neat still reading

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