Keeping You Current

I am at home today and looking forward to a good school day. We will even have a short field trip to the Ohio Caverns. I quess the tour is only about an hour. Tim has been bugging me to go to the library so that will be another stop along the way. Jim did a short trip this week. He left after the meeting on Tues. night and drove all night and flew back from Atlanta and got to the airport in Vandalia last night around 6:30pm. We couldn’t get back in time for prayer mtg. so we stopped at Friendly’s for supper( A real date night).

I got up at 5 to wake Jess, fixed him some coffee and visited a bit with him before he left for work at 6. I felt the importance this morning to pray him on his way. As he drove down the lane I prayed for his day and his life. He is reading another book of Lewis. I love to see his post and realize that God is shaping a man for His use. I feel so special to have a part. It is awesome to be a parent.

Yesterday, Andy asked me who my favorite speaker at the conf. was. I told him it was really hard to choose but I really enjoyed Wendell Kempton’s last message the most. Andy then asked me which one of his jokes I liked the best. I must admit I don’t remember like the children do. They can remember many lines of dialog, while I remember clusters of ideas and thoughts of application. Anyway, I was really thrilled that  Andy and all the kids loved the conf. , every little bit as much or more than a trip to the caverns or anything else.

We all were able to get quiet time diaries from Word of Life. We started them yesterday.

Well, I must go. Time to stir the troops. Master drill instructer, signing off.



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5 responses to “Keeping You Current

  1. Mel,
    Great to see your new place on the web. Good to read your thoughts. Keep it up.

  2. I hope you have fun on your field trip. Wish I was there with you all…I would tag along. Love you and miss you!

    -Rachel 🙂

  3. Jane

    Praise the Lord for little lights at the end of the tunnel.. We sure do praise the Lord for what he is doing… so happy you are getting settled… let us know how the church is going too.


  4. I’m glad you’re settled in to your new home. It’s nice to read your blog and keep up with what’s going on in your family.

    I like your new site. I added it to me bloglines so I can keep current.


  5. Hillary

    Hello, Mom!
    I’m so glad you are all getting settled!
    I like your new site!
    We miss you all so much and look forward to next weekend!
    Love you all, Hill

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