Chelsie – A little girl with a big heart

Chelsie Renee was born April 11th, 1989. She was the sixth child born to our family and the second girl. We didn’t know before she was born if she would be a girl, but I had a sneaking suspicion.

Chelsie was born on a cool, gray day. I prayed that it would rain when she was born and it did. She took her own sweet time about coming into the world. The labor lasted 22hours. We bundled her up and took her home on a sunny, windy day just a couple days after her birth to a house of happy faces. Chelsie was welcomed by brothers Jimmie (11), Jeremiah (8), Joshua (6),and Jesse (20 months) and sister Hillary (10). My mother had come and they had made a sign to welcome us.

Chelsie was a happy and contented baby as were all but one of her siblings. She liked to play on the floor while we did our school work. On sunny days we would cover her little head and take her outside to do school out in the yard. She loved being outside and would keep her brothers and sisters running to keep her out of trouble when she started crawling. She loved Jimmie’s baby bunnies and all the critters we had.

Chelsie was always eager to learn. She talked early and before she was three years old she would stand beside me when I cross-stitched and ask me, “What color is that?”as she would proceed to point to every card of floss in the box. She began reading when she was just 5 which was earlier than most of my children. Her older brother Jesse had pretty much decided school wasn’t going to be something he wasted too much time on until he saw how much Chelsie was learning. Suddenly, Jesse was wanting to do every subject Chelsie was and he would compete with her in everything. For most of the elementary years they were neck and neck. It really wasn’t until middle school or later that Jesse began to pull away from Chel.

Chelsie and Jesse shared a bedroom when they were little and maybe that is part of why they are so close now. When they were tiny the four older kids were involved in piano lessons and gymnastics. We would all load up in the van and spend what seemed like the better part of the day in front of the piano teachers house. We would take a big tupperware bowl of rising bread and punch it down several times while we waited, then head home and bake it for supper.

One day I looked out in our back yard to discover one of the dogs was off his chain. We had been having trouble with him and he was really a grouch. I knew that Jes and Chel were out in the front playing and I was really afraid for them. I took off running and saw them out by the mailbox. I ran as fast as I could and grabbed each by the hand and ran again for the front door. Just about the time we were at the corner of the front porch the dog came around the corner looking angry. We beat him to the front door but the whole time the kids knew nothing of what was going on and were both calling out franticly, “We didn’t do it, we didn’t do it!”

When Chelsie was in AWANA one night she heard the gospel and went to talk to her Sunday School teacher, Mrs. McCann and gave her heart to Jesus.

After that she could be found out on the swing or on the back porch reading her little picture Bible having her quiet time. She loved her quiet time and often just remembered on her own.

Chelsie loves horses and always told her daddy that she wanted him to get her one. We never had one of our own but for a short time our friends needed to keep theirs in our barn so for Chel that was a great time.

I remember once dad bought her a harness for her dog. I think that was kind of her substitute horse. Many times you would see her riding her horse/bike and calling “Giddy-Up, Boy” as she rode through the grass.

It was discovered very early that Chel had a little motion sickness problem. We would travel to mommies obstetrician when Chel was still a tiny babe in her car seat and we would have little warning before she would erupt. When she got older and began doing a lot of traveling in the car she started wearing sea bands. That was a real blessing but she still can’t read while traveling. Chel loves to read and that was a real disappointment for her.

When Chel was in high school she came to her dad one Sunday night before church and told him she was going to come forward that night in church and give her life to serve the Lord as a missionary. She had written out what she wanted to say. I don’t know if it was before that or after but I remember watching the video about the life of Ronnie Bower with her and it really impacted her.

Chelsie loves to go to PBR and has often planned special things like that for her dad for his birthday. Another time they went white water rafting together. She has been known to be a bit of a dare-devil. While Chelsie was in LA this past winter she went to a park to do evangelism and met a man with some horses. She asked him if he would teach her how to make the horse stand up on its back legs. He agreed and we have a nice picture of it.

Today Chel is in Cambodia serving the Lord and having the time of her life. She has been to numerous orphanages for Aids victims and had many opportunities to share Christ. Last year she spent the summer in Peru and two years ago she spent three weeks in Portugal. Another love for Chelsie is children. She has had many opportunities to work with kids at Pine Trails Camp as well as working in VBS and teaching Sunday School.

Chel has an endless amount of energy and a tender heart. She has been a huge blessing to our family. Whenever she has been the babysitter for her younger siblings she has made sure they had a wild time and they were usually exhausted when we would return. The house would always be nice and clean – that is if her younger sister Lois was helping with the babysitting. Cleaning the house was not Chel’s thing but the two girls make a nice team.

We are all looking forward to having our Chelker home with us soon. We love her laugh and her fun spirit and her adventurous ways. We love you, Chel. Hope to celebrate your 19th birthday when you get here.



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3 responses to “Chelsie – A little girl with a big heart

  1. Tim

    Can’t wait till she gets home. Good job Mommy.
    I didn’t find anything else to correct…hehe.

  2. MOM

    That was so special.

    We love Chelsie too and her sweet ways..

    Father, bless that child and protect her on her missions trip. Give her safety as she travels home. Guide her future with you loving hand.

    In Jesus Precious Name


  3. chelsie

    hey mom
    wow thats so crazy i actualy remember the part about the piano lessons and the bread 🙂
    i realy miss you guys too
    i really like your writing about grandpa too
    i got a note book the other day and started writing
    i really like it
    i love you mom

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