If I Had A Remembrance Book…..

I love the way that sounds. If I did, I would tell you for sure about my dad. My dad has such an interesting personality. He can be fun and crazy one minute and dead serious the next. Let me share some fun things I remember from my little girl perspective of my daddy.

My dad liked very much to do some substitute teaching from time to time and I remember him often sharing with us at night the funny things he did to unsuspecting students. He told us about the time he would turn from the children in his fifth or sixth grade class and make bird noises while his back was to them and then turn and ask, “what was that?”.

I am sure the kids loved it when they saw that he was their sub for the day.

My dad worked many jobs to supplement his income. His real heart has always been in the Lord’s work. There were always the challenges of raising a family of four children on a pastor’s salary. He did all this while going to night school to further his education. My dad rarely ever sits down without a book on his lap. When we were young I remember when he would come home from his school teaching job and fix us supper. During this particular time my mom was working part time in a fabric store. We were latch key kids for about an hour each evening.
One night we were having a snow ball fight with some kids after school and well, the kids followed us right into the house firing snowballs all over the living room and my dad’s library.
There was another time we got into some kind of scuffle with the neighbor kids and I faced them off with my brother’s bb gun and my dad drove in at the same moment, but that is a different story.

The really fun thing I remember at that same house was that dad did the cooking for awhile and my brother Kenny and I did the dishes with dad after.

It was so sweet. Dad would make these weird concoctions with pork-n-beans and chicken noodle soup and maybe some left over carrots. He would always try to make it sound real special by giving it a silly name. I am sure he was trying real hard to cover for the fact that we all really missed mom about this time in the evening.

Then after, while Kenny and I would wipe the dishes as dad was washing, dad would sing us funny songs that he had learned at school.

One I really liked was “My Paddles Keen and Bright”.  I can remember every word of that silly song. We would sing in a round and have so much fun. The time would pass quickly and soon mom and Kev would be home and we would have devotions and go to bed. Devotions would sometimes even be a time for dad to show his wild side. He loves the Word of God and would never make a joke of important things but he has this very humorous way of reading Bible stories. Like Samson Delilah, oh that was a funny one. He would read the story and whenever there was dialog, he would use the appropriate voice – a high lady type voice for young Delilah and a deep gravely voice for Samson or whatever was good for the story of the evening. I totally loved it when he did it at home but I was always mortified when he did it at church.

My dad would whistle this crazy bird sound all the time and one day when I was just very little he left the house whistling and I hollered out the front door at the top of my lungs, “Good bye, Birdbrain!” That was a time when my poor dignified mother was mortified!

Dad was so cool when I was in high school. There were so many things that I thought I needed in high school, like cool clothes. Well, dad knew the best way to teach us the value of a dollar was to help us find jobs. Then, we could decide for ourselves what our real needs were and buy things with our own money.

He bought a lawn mower for my brother Kenny and I to use. We literally mowed the wheels off of that thing several times in one summer. At the same time Kenny, Dad and I all had morning paper routes delivering the Dayton Journal Herold. Dad would come to our rooms and stir us to get going at 5AM. We would all take off and deliver our papers. Once there was a drunk sleeping in the stairway of an apartment building where I delivered. I turned around and went back and told dad and he delivered that one for me. The real highlight of the job was the way we spent Saturdays. After all the papers were delivered we would go to the donut shop and eat donuts together and pass the time until it was late enough to go collecting.

I love my dad as I’m sure you can tell. We never had much money but we never felt cheated or underprivileged. We knew dad loved us because he always made time for us and did everything he could think of to make our lives special and to teach us what he thought we would need for life.

I really appreciate the way he tried hard to make simple tasks fun. Thanks Dad. I hope I have done that with my crew. I love you.


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  1. Dad

    Hi Sweetheart,

    You sure do know how to make an old undeserving sinner man look like a great guy. I’ll pay you the next time I see you. It sure is cute. Love you, so much. Dad

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